Fiddles and Drums

I heard this song a long time ago, while dating a girl that also enjoyed this type of music. We had a particularly strong affection for Maynard Keenan. At the time, I liked it for the melody, but as I’ve listened to it again and again, as life has happened throughout the years, I've started to listen to the words that I was singing along to. And I started to actually appreciate what they meant.  They have begun to resonate within me. 

I started to see the reflection. See the mirror. The truth in the words.  This song means more to me than I think Joni Mitchell ever meant behind the words she wrote.

 My younger brother came out as gay last year. Soon after that, the Orlando night club had just been been shot up… I listened to this song on my way home from work and I cried. It struck me to my core. This song is about frustration. It’s about misunderstanding. It’s about times past that have been forgotten. It's about love that gets replaced by hate.

 I sometimes think that my soul is sitting right behind a protective shield of ambiguity. I try not to be bothered by the things that happen around the world. But really, it all bothers me. People hate. And I hate people. I hear this song, and it reminds me of the call to arms. Call to arms of humanity to be that- human. We are one people. Why do we raise our sticks? Why do we fall? Why do we trade the fiddle for the drum?

 Why can’t we stop being fucking monkeys and be people?


Isaiah Gooley