Humans have fire within them. It can kill us or it can keep us alive. It can burn our closest loves, and it can keep them warm through the night. If there is a soul, it is fire.

Fire is a dangerous thing. Left unchecked, it can destroy forests, ravage cities, and kill us all. Humans have used fire to kill since before we were able to write. The craft, the skill, and the art of fire is told in many legends and stories.

Prometheus was the one who brought fire to the men of Greece. He stole it from the gods out of love for Men. And he was cursed to live eternity in agony for what he had done.

I've had my own fire stoked, the flames fanned, and it has raged out of control. It burned. I have had my fire suppressed, suffocated, and reduced to mere embers. It has been on the brink of death. But it lingers still.

Fire is fragile and powerful and critical to the life we live on this planet. It must be treated with great respect, but never fear or flippancy. If you fear it, you will starve. If you are careless, it will consume you. Respect your fire.

Isaiah Gooley